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Refrigerator Propane gas

If you want to run your home using propane and gas products, Range Bottle Gas can help you! Through our services, we can help you decide which refrigerators and grills you would want in your home. Make sure you speak with our professional team. We will help you decide which appliances are best for your home.

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  • Lease and place tanks

  • Bury propane lines

We have been helping customers like you purchase and install propane lines since 1936.

You can find a propane tank that will work best with your home when you shop with us. Whether you want to purchase a tank or lease it, we can help you.

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Lease your tanks from us

If you have decided to have a propane line put in your home after purchasing or leasing your tank, we can dig that line and install it for you. Contact us today. We can show you the best way to have your propane line set up for your home or property.

Let us bury your propane lines

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